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Bringing lightness into design, the Visu family by Finnish designer Mika Tolvanen brings a new perspective to the iconic wooden chair by combining ergonomic and functional expressions with an at once modern and gentle silhouette, paired with the texture of the wood for a toned-down Scandinavian aesthetic. Join us for a visit to Mika Tolvanen’s Studio Tolvanen to learn more about the design process and his underlying ideas of the Visu family.

“It’s important for me to design products that are playful and have their own character, while simultaneously having a quiet presence. I don’t want for my designs to shout”, he says. After graduating from the Royal College of Art in London, Tolvanen started his own practice in 2005. In 2015, Tolvanen founded Studio Tolvanen together with his wife Julie Tolvanen, designing products for residential and contract use from their studio and workshop on the island of Lauttasaari outside of Helsinki.

On his initial idea for the Visu design for Muuto, Tolvanen notes: "I wanted to design a fresh, updated version of the ubiquitous plywood chair. After studying numerous classic plywood chairs, I eventually found a way of adding my own perspective to the design”.

The Visu family spans across various chairs, bar stools and lounge chairs available in a number of bases, sizes and colors with many possibilities for customization. On his approach for the design process of the Visu family, Tolvanen explains: “I sketch a lot of chairs before deciding on a direction. Muuto and I worked for four years on perfecting the structure, the curves and the details before introducing the design”.

When asked about how new perspectives played into the ideation of the Visu chairs, Tolvanen ends: “Visu has a recognizable, yet fresh appearance. The simple strong profile gives Visu a crisp new look, making it modern yet timeless in its appearance”.

Explore the possibilities of the Visu family here.

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