subtly scandinavian: the workshop table

Visiting the Copenhagen studio of award-winning Danish designer Cecilie Manz to explore her thoughts and ideas for the Workshop Table.

The Workshop Table by Danish designer Cecilie Manz joins together the ideas of Scandinavian craftsmanship with subtle detailing, making for a deliberately simple and archetypical expression in a modern dining table.

On the design, Manz notes: “The Workshop Table is a design that is pared down to the essence. Deliberately simple in its expression, the table has an almost archetypal appearance that comes from a wish to make as little noise as possible—the details and joints are doing all the talking.”

Extending the expression of the Workshop Series, the Workshop Table translates the understated elements of timeless craftsmanship into a simple design. Here, the seamless integration of the tabletop and legs echo the refined sentiments of the Scandinavian design heritage for an elegant detail.

On the role that the dining table has in the modern home, Manz says: “The table serves as a gathering point in daily life with most activities in the home taking place around it: People working from home or enjoying a cup of coffee while reading the newspaper, kids doing their homework or playing with legos alongside all meals throughout the day. The table has its obvious functions that it must cater to but more importantly are the social functions that it must give space for while blending elegantly into the room.”

With its tabletop in either oak veneer or warm grey linoleum, harmoniously carving itself into the frame of solid oak, the Workshop Table brings a sophisticated appearance to any space, whether it be a dining setting, workspace or hospitality area.

As her final remark on the role of the table, Manz says: “It should allow for whatever is happening around it to be in focus through a calm appearance, subtle details and extensive functionality.”

Workshop Table

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